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You’re stuck in the Facebook timeline for eternity, there’s no way …

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It has been a great journey for many users who switched to the redesigned Facebook timeline and ended up not liking it. This is not good, because many people may not know it, but they got into something where there is no way out, and now this is becoming clear among Facebook users. On the other hand, users who do not understand the technology are being misled by scammers into believing that there really is a way out, if they click on several similar buttons, watch a video, etc.

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There are already reports of many scam-related pages on the Facebook timeline, which together put around 71,000 likes in these people’s pockets. Not only that, but these Facebook pages also appear at the top of Facebook search results.

Now that you know and have been warned about what is happening, what you can do is spread the word and warn your parents, grandparents, and friends that there is no way anyone could get your old Facebook layout back. There are, for example, little things you can try, like the one previously posted here: How to disable Facebook timeline , but as the title says: this is only a temporary solution, because the social network is no longer compatible with IE7 and if you change the user agent in the web browser software, it makes it possible to access the good Facebook profile.

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Also note that Facebook will be moving everyone to the timeline soon.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the Facebook timeline in the comments below.

Source Inside Facebook via Gizmodo

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