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Yahoo is more mobile with oneSearch

Yahoo is more mobile with oneSearch

Google, as is well known, is not the only Internet big that the world of mobile telephony is craving: Yahoo yesterday presented a search engine created “ad hoc” to be used by smartphones and which, according to the company, surpasses that of its rival.

If it is true that the Internet, with all the availability of services it offers, is increasingly moving towards portable and pocket-sized devices, it is equally true that it is necessary to provide “tailor-made” services. oneSearch, in the intentions of Yahoo !, proposes this goal, with a service that will be implemented starting from the States, to gradually reach the markets in which the company is already active.

It will not be a mobile transposition of Yahoo! More than a search engine that returns a list of Internet addresses, in fact, the company declares that oneSearch will focus on information concerning the location – or geographical area – in which the user is located. The results of oneSearch searches will also offer weather forecasts, news from local newspapers, images extracted from Flickr, information on points of interest.

By searching for the title of a film, you will be able to obtain links to the theaters that have it in programming. Something close to the services that some rumors would like to see included in the Googlephone, a device that, if it were to see the light, would extend the big G to the branding of smartphones. The mobile phone of the future seems destined to be an even more efficient “travel assistant” than it already is.