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X20 and X60, Toshiba’s colorful music

X20 and X60, Toshiba’s colorful music

Tokyo (Japan) – It’s been a while since Toshiba’s first Gigabeat was launched to compete directly with Apple’s iPod. About 3 years of innovations on both sides have brought on the one hand a series of new products that are increasingly a symbol of fashion and style, on the other hand, concrete answers and excellent products capable of getting noticed on the market.

The last born of the Gigabeat series are the X20 and the X60 which, although not taking advantage of the perpendicular recording technology implemented on the F series, are able to offer respectively 20 GB and 60 GB of space dedicated to storage.

The X20 and X60 join the previous X30 model (with 30 GB hard disk) and inherit all the features from this. The whole X series is equipped with a 2.4-inch TFT color LCD screen and QVGA resolution, capable of displaying photographs thanks to the special software supplied. As big as the palm of a hand, it is definitely not among the smallest MP3 players around, but its large capacity and screen size will surely make up for the size. The Gigabeat X20 version will also be available in different colors while the larger X60 will only be in black.

Player of excellent quality and very capacious. Only regret? Probably the lack of video support . Finally, there is no news on the price and their marketing, to know which we will have to wait a little longer.

Dario Panzeri