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X-Fi, Creative changes music

X-Fi, Creative changes music

Dublin – The inventor of the legendary Sound Blaster is determined to once again revolutionize the sector of PC audio technologies by launching, shortly, a new chip called X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity for X-Fi friends.

Creative’s new audio processor will succeed EMUK, the chip that equips the current line of Audigy 2 sound cards, and compared to the latter promises performance up to 24 times higher . To understand the generational leap represented by X-Fi it is enough to know that the latter will contain 51 million transistors versus 4.6 million of its predecessor, and will be able to outperform 10,000 MIPS (million operations per second).

X-Fi will support 24-bit audio at 44.1 or 96KHz resolution, Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS) surround technology for regular speakers and headphones, DVD-A and SACD playback, and all the latest Multi-channel audio standard for games: In this regard, Creative has included in its new audio technology an extension to the EAX (Environmental Audio Extension) specification that will be supported in the next generation of video games.

The new chippone will be able to provide a minimum signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB, an overall harmonic distortion of 136 dB and an ASIO (Audio Stream I / O) latency of less than 1 millisecond: the latter feature allows you to record and play tracks. multiple with virtually no delay and no CPU occupation.

Creative began development of its new audio architecture 5 years ago, around the time of the launch of the first Audigy card, and designed it from the start to meet the needs of both the consumer market and the professional market. And in fact the company has already anticipated that it will also use X-Fi on its own line of E-MU systems dedicated to professional musicians.

Together with its new processor Creative will release a software which will allow you to convert your music into CD or MP3 format, optimizing it for the 24-bit audio architecture of X-Fi: although theoretically what was lost in the compression can no longer be recovered, Creative assures that after the conversion “the your music will sound like it has never played before ”. We will see…

The presentation of X-Fi will take place tomorrow, May 18, at E3 in Los Angeles, but on the Creative website you can already find a dedicated page with technical information and videos. THE first products based on the new chip instead they should appear on the market in July.