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With the Samsung SC-X105L Kubrick would have fun

With the Samsung SC-X105L Kubrick would have fun

Rome – The steadycam is still a dream, but the Samsung SC-X105L camcorder could be considered a great alternative. Not only is it composed of a main unit with dimensions contained in 5.8 x 9.2 x 2.9 cm for a total weight of 144 grams, but it also has an external lens with cable that facilitates creative shooting.

In practice, you can leave the video camera in your pocket and hold the small cylinder with a lens in your hand to direct the shots in any direction, even towards yourself. The connection cable is 91 cm long and can reach 182 cm thanks to an extension. At the same time, the bundled straps allow you to position the lens on an arm or even on the head, like classic climbing lamps.

The chassis of the Samsung SC-X105L is completely made of rough, shock-resistant plastic material, so its compatibility with extreme environmental conditions is evident. The videos, with the audio, are stored in MPEG4 format in an integrated memory from 512 MB ; at the maximum resolution 10 minutes of shooting can be stored, at the minimum about 60 minutes. Thanks to the presence of a Memory Stick slot it is possible to further increase the capacity, up to a maximum of 1 GB comparable to about 22 minutes of high quality footage.

The target has one unit 680,000-pixel CCD , capable of reaching a maximum resolution of 720 x 480 pixels and 1280 x 960 pixels (interpolated). Do not miss a 10x optical zoom and a 100x digital. The integrated LCD display on the main unit has a 2-inch diagonal with a resolution of 211,000 pixels.

Samsung SC-X105L is also capable of taking digital photographs in JPEG format. Not to mention the ability to store MP3 files.

Connection to the PC is possible via the integrated USB 2.0 port; compatibility is certified with Windows 98 SE / XP and Mac OS IX / X platforms. In addition, photos can be printed directly with devices compatible with the system PictBridge . The other available ports are: audio / video, Mic and headphones.

The rechargeable battery, present in the package, allows shooting for 45/60 minutes, depending on the use of the display, which obviously consumes considerably. The external lens, on the other hand, uses a pair of AAA batteries.