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Windows Live has two new attributes

Windows Live has two new attributes

Other than makeup, it is a complex surgical operation that Microsoft is operating on Windows Live. At the moment its new integrated photo sharing and remote storage services are accessible only to a limited number of testers, but when they are ready they will give the well-known online platform super-enhanced attributes.

Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta is nothing more than an updated version of Windows Photo Gallery, already present on Windows Vista – compatible with XP. It enriches the image management service also allowing photo uploading to Windows Live Spaces blogs.

The other novelty is represented by Windows Live Folders, an online space that can be used as a remote archive for files, photos and videos. If you want, you can share any content with your friends as long as you have a Windows Live ID. The Beta version, for now, provides about 500 MB of space.

“This is a first wave of services that will be launched in the coming months,” confirmed Brian Hall, general manager of the Windows Live business group. “This is effectively the second generation of Windows Live.” According to Zdnet, Microsoft after spending the last few months evaluating its services, it would now be ready to launch the latest news and more targeted integration strategies.

Photo sharing and online storage want to openly challenge Yahoo (Flickr and Briefcase) and Google (GDrive and Picasa) solutions. “It’s a small step,” admitted Hall. “Basically we provide an integrated solution that allows you to share files especially between Hotmail and Messenger users.”

According to Matt Rosoff, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft, the action of the Redmond giant should be evaluated as an attempt to strengthen the Windows brand. “Creating desktop applications that bind to Windows Live services for Microsoft is just playing on its strengths,” said Rosoff.

Dario d’Elia