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Will the Googlephone be a mobile phone?

Will the Googlephone be a mobile phone?

Many words have been spent on the upcoming “Google mobile phone”, but above all possible, but the lack of “substance” – that is, official confirmations – can lead one to think of unfounded rumors and nothing more.

To further fuel the public’s expectations on the advent of a Gphone contributes PcWorld.com, also taken up by VoIPBlog, which reports on the recent publication – on the Google site – of a search announcement for personnel, which suggests the intention to materialize (precisely in the “hardware” sense) the idea of ​​a mobile phone with the brand of the great G.

The announcement reveals that some wireless communication systems are being tested in Mountain View, and to this end a small engineering team is being formed whose goal will be “nothing less than making the information of the whole world accessible from anywhere for free”.

This concept does not seem to lead back to the mobile telephony we are used to. It should also be added that the same announcement requires a figure of “Analog Designer” who, among his requirements, can boast significant experience in various sectors (including electrical engineering, modeling of advanced circuits) and – among the pluses – a radio operator license. All this, added to the concrete nothing that (we do not) know, could lead us to believe that Google is thinking of a truly innovative portable communication device.

In support of these suppositions, another element seems to have emerged: on Godmode we read of a market survey, in which a MobileBurn user took part, who speaks of a Samsung manufacturing terminal equipped with a Google interface, a camera from 2 Megapixel, 3G and WiFi connectivity.

The rumors in circulation are therefore varied and coming from different sources. The fact that all, in the name of convergence – even in this case – talk about the same topic, could be a demonstration that something at Google is moving. Or, more simply, that BigG would have you believe.

Dario Bonacina