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Who spams pays

Who spams pays

Twenty-seven months in prison, a $ 180,000 fine, according to AFP, the sentence imposed on a 28-year-old spammer from the state of New Jersey.

Codenamed M3rk, accomplice of the famous US spammer Adam Vitale, Todd Moeller has succumbed to the US Can-Spam Act, which since 2003 attempts to punish those who attack netizens with *********** and unwanted commercial proposals. It was a matter of commercial propositions that nailed the two spammers, who offered the recipients up-to-date antivirus and security products.

Among the facts disputed to the two also the operations carried out on behalf of third parties. Like when, in August 2005, a policeman posing as a customer interested in their services manages to persuade them via instant messaging to teach them the obscure art of bypassing AOL’s spam filters. Means by which the two had already pocketed thousands of dollars by downloading loads of emails to AOL subscribers.

First Vitale, then Moeller, admitted their faults: for at least a couple of years they will no longer follow the path of illegal direct marketing, ceasing to ride a well-established market. The United States has in fact deserved the little meritorious black jersey of spam awarded by Sophos, a recognition that should induce netizens to equip themselves to set up systems for sorting emails, but also, why not ?, separate collection of junk mail.

In this way, in fact, the hundreds of emails delivered by a botnet that harnesses computers scattered all over the world, from South Korea to Japan, from the United Kingdom to Nigeria, would end up in the bell of the electoral garbage. The messages, all praising the activity of the US politician Ron Paul, are however all different from each other: some are emails inspired by the most traditional political rhetoric, others are revolutionary attempts to set up a viral campaign with an exchange of video links posted on YouTube , videos promptly removed from the portalone.

Just like Vitale and Moeller, the unknown author of the spam propaganda campaign is also at great risk: there are those who suspect that he may be an avid supporter, there are those who murmur that he is a rival candidate, who acts to instill in the electorate feel that Ron Paul is taking advantage of intrusive and illicit propaganda techniques. What if Ron Paul was the author of the scheme? There are endless ways of spam marketing.

Gaia Bottà