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When the mobile phone talks too much

When the mobile phone talks too much

Rome – Those who consider themselves excluded and ignored by wiretapping will do well to check that Mobile Spy is not active on their mobile phone, a new application created by Retina-X Studios that offers monitoring of calls and text messages (incoming and outgoing output), of which it transmits a report to a centralized server.

The functions are similar to those that characterize Flexispy, a solution created by the Thai company Vervata for devices equipped with the Symbian operating system. Mobile Spy, on the other hand, is designed for Windows Mobile and, in the applications declared by the manufacturer, it allows parents not to lose control of their children, but also offers an employer the possibility of verifying the application of the company cell phone usage policy. .

For the unsuspecting user of a phone secretly equipped with Mobile Spy there will still be a possibility to protect their privacy: theRegister reports the words of Ollie Whitehouse of Symantec that “as soon as we get a copy of this application, we will be able to add a Mobile Spy detection function in our antivirus solution for Windows Mobile ”.

Those who intend to overcome the inconvenience of indiscreet monitoring can also think of having a mobile phone capable of offering encrypted conversations.

Like Sectra’s or Snapcom’s solutions, which aren’t science fiction tools nor are they as futuristic as some might think. Furthermore, as the blog conneXioni points out, the Italian market could represent an interesting catchment area for this business: in fact, think of the numerous personalities from the world of politics, entertainment, sport, who in recent times have been victims of wiretapping, more or not lawful, then get to the headlines. And that evidently they were not equipped with safe devices.