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WhatsApp backtracks on its new policies, for now

WhatsApp backtracks on its new policies, for now

After all the controversy surrounding its new privacy policy and after making two public clarifications about the changes, in particular about sharing data with Facebook, WhatsApp decided to postpone the deadline for the terms to take effect.

The statement was issued a couple of days ago on his official blog. According to the publication, WhatsApp plans to give a few more months for everyone to review the new policy “gradually and at their own pace.” The deadline set for users to decide accept the terms, or leave the application It was May 15, 2021.

See an excerpt from the statement below:

Because of the spread of so much false information that causes concern, we want to help people get the facts and understand our principles. At this time, we are postponing the date users will be asked to review and agree to the Terms. No account will be suspended or deleted on February 8th. Additionally, we will be taking a number of steps to clear up misinformation regarding the way privacy and security work on WhatsApp. We’ll then gradually ask users to review the policy at their own pace before the new business options go live on May 15.

The messaging platform also claims do not keep records of conversations (in text messages or calls) and states do not share information about your contacts with Facebook.

His changes in privacy policies created a stir

Mark Zuckerberg’s company will have to explain how WhatsApp complies with the Organic Law on Data Protection in force in Spain since 2018. Zuckerberg’s platform is not the first time it has had problems in this regard, the continuous attacks it receives from NSO Group is well known.

In the meantime, many users have decided to switch to alternative platforms. Telegram and Signal skyrocketed in app stores in several countries this week. The movement was so intense that the Signal Foundation decided to hire more employees to improve its video calls and group conversations.

This Friday, the application faced instability, being inactive for several people. Telegram, for its part, managed to surpass the 500 million user mark. It is too early to determine whether WhatsApp will be greatly affected by this episode, its advisers want to “wait for the waters to calm down.”

Now it remains to be seen whether users will actually reconsider leaving the service. For my part, I have been using Telegram for 2 years and 8 months and I have not had any security problems. In addition, we have already talked about its many advantages over WhatsApp.

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