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What is necessary to get visits to a website

All of us who manage a website want to get visits, that the pages of our space are read by the largest number of people. For this, it is not enough to publish articles, something more is necessary. All of us who surf the Internet want that, when we come to a web page, it is easily accessible, showing the information it contains without complications for readers.

Although there are many types of websites, we are going to focus our proposals on spaces included in the group of blogs, online newspapers, and the like. We are not going to deal with sites focused on businesses, in public bodies, in forums, and in other spaces that do not include a blog among their categories.

Friendly design

If we enter a page and get lost in the content when trying to examine it, it is normal that we leave it and never visit the website that contains it again. This happens today with a few sites, among which some newspapers stand out, in which you cannot read calmly, since the page suddenly scrolls up or down to show an advertisement, and also, on some occasions, the ad is placed on top of the text you are trying to read.

Most blogs and the like include ads, but they should never show too many, trying to make them the essential elements of every page. Also, in some cases, the contents are poorly structured. Thus, just to give an example, I know an online newspaper in which when you access an article to proceed to read it, you have to stay there after finishing it, since one or more menus that allow you are not shown at the top access other sections.

If we use WordPress as a content manager, we have several free themes in the CMS repository and other paid themes in different services. One of the most popular is ThemeForest, but it is not the only one. You just have to select the one that best suits the site we have and proceed with its installation.

Fast charge

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we speak and insist on the issue: web pages should load quickly. For Google, and other search engines, loading speed is essential for a page to be indexed. It is now and will be increasingly so. Ideally, a page should take less than two seconds to load.

Depending on the content manager in which a website is located, there are different add-ons focused on achieving a fast loading of the pages. We refer to the so-called cache plugins. In WordPress, the most used CMS at the moment, there are some plugins of this type, standing out in the WP Rocket list.

Search engine optimization

In addition to the content and fast loading, SEO is another of the fundamental elements. To put it into action you also need a plugin or add-on. With it we can configure and activate everything necessary for search engines and social networks to have relevant information.

In WordPress there are also some plugins in this field, standing out in the list Yoast SEO and Rank Math. Both fulfill their functions perfectly and are very easy to configure, you just have to follow the wizard that they include to put into action what you select. Later, in both plugins, it is possible to modify some of the established settings.

Needed in articles

It is convenient that the content of each of the published articles is original and relevant. If they include information about websites, links to them must be inserted. In the event that the information has been obtained, to write the publication, from an Internet medium or from a book, it is also convenient to add a reference to it.

Articles must be, in most cases, a minimum of 400 words. Something that must also be taken into account is the inclusion of links to other articles on the site using the words or phrases that make up the publication.


Although there are other aspects to take into account those that we indicate we consider as essential. Something that must also be taken into account is compliance with the grammar rules, focused on the use of clear and precise sentences, and avoiding spelling mistakes.

I recommend that after writing an article, and before publishing it, you proceed to review it calmly. If unsuitable expressions are found, it will then be possible to correct them.