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What are the privacy stories that WhatsApp sent you in the application?

What are the privacy stories that WhatsApp sent you in the application?

The one of state It is certainly not among the most visited sections of WhatsApp: Users rarely post daily updates on the messaging platform, and the people who see them are probably even fewer. Among the sporadic content posted by friends and family in the semi-desert section, however, as of today some official communications by the Facebook group, which will start announce app news and how it works using the format taken from Instagram Stories. The novelty was announced today with a series of privacy related statuses in the app.

Where are the WhatsApp stories?

The communications are not particularly invasive, as is the notification window that a few weeks ago asked users to accept new privacy rules or prepare to exit the application. On this occasion, Facebook has chosen to reserve the news for the least used section of the application, the one dedicated to the status of users and taken from instagram stories. Normally here, WhatsApp subscribers can post photos or record short videos in portrait format that remain stored on servers and available to users for a day from their publication; Now, announced the Facebook group through its debut in the section, the states will also collect communications about updates and new WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp update statuses will appear in the dedicated section exactly like those of other users. There are three differences: sender’s name – or WhatsApp – will appear in green; your profile picture will be platform symbol, and a green tick which should ensure that no one can impersonate developers by sending false communications to subscribers.

Confidentiality guarantees

It is not surprising that the first announcements made by the Facebook group using this medium are linked to user privacy in whatsapp. In fact, in recent days, millions of users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the upcoming changes in the regulation of applications in this direction and have participated in a mass exodus to alternative platforms such as Signal and Telegram.

Therefore, the managers thought to inaugurate their use of states within the application to make them clarification on upcoming changes. In the two central communications of the four published at this time by the Facebook group, we read: “One thing does not change: our commitment to protect your privacy. WhatsApp cannot read or listen to your personal conversations because they are protected in the end. to the final encryption “.

User exodus

The point that annoyed many users, however, is different: the new rules, while not allowing WhatsApp the freedom to read in conversations, will give businesses the ability to use the chats they have with their customers. for follow them with ads also on Facebook. In any case, the abandonment of some users is destined to continue, also encouraged by the introduction in Telegram of a new function that automatically transfers WhatsApp chats and their content to the target application.