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Weekly Roundup: Microsoft Defender, Teams, Mixer, Tech Tips

Hello my name is Martin, as we always share relevant content of value for our audience and this will not be the only one, stay until the end of the content to be with the latest trends that we have prepared for you. As we told you last week, we read all the comments and create white content for you, so if you haven’t done so yet, leave us your email and we will keep you posted. Without wasting any more time I hope you read all the articles and see you next time everything we know about Clomatica.

This week in Pureinfotech: Microsoft released its first preview of its Microsoft Defender antivirus for Android, but this is an offer only for organizations with Microsoft Defender Security Center.

Microsoft Teams expands to regular users with the same work experience, but with features designed for consumers. You can download the app as a preview on Android and iOS.

From Mixer it was not capable of scaling, Microsoft is shutting down the live video game streaming platform permanently in July 22 and partnerIn g with Facebook to transition the community for Facebook Gaming. Additionally, the company announced that it will permanently close all of its physical retail stores around the world.

Amazon finally creates a Prime Video app for Windows 10, and is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. Nevertheless Does not have was officially announced, then you may have trouble logging in.

Surface Go 2 received a new firmware update to fix pen performance and improve system stability.

Nvidia released the driver update, version 451.48 for you RTX graphics cards compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate and GPU (graphics processing unit) scheduling function Available from the May 2020 Update for Windows 10.

Windows 10 build 20152 appeared this week on the Windows Insider program dev channel with some minor fixes.

As updated documentation, Windows 10 no longer includes the setting to defer feature updates for up to one year of the Windows Update Advanced Settings page to minimize confusion as new versions the operating system are not optional and them no download automatically no more.

In case you missed it, you can also download the chosen theme of the week: Clouds to update your desktop. Additionally, Microsoft released the next four games that will be received by Xbox Live and Game Pass subscribers in July 2020.

Tech Tips Summary

This week, you also learned several tips for getting the most out of Windows 10, including steps to recover a saved password from a VPN (virtual private network) Connection.

US looked inside Steps to fix Night Light in Windows 10.

Now you know the steps to edit the hosts file to map host names to IP addresses in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has a new hardware scheduling feature that allowsgram GPUS to manage your own memory to enhance the experience, and here it is how to enable the function.

Outlook lets you schedule emails to send later, and in this guide, your Let’s go learn the steps to use the function in Outlook.

If you are I must create an inventory of a folder with a lot records, You can use PowerShell to quickly export the information to a csv file, and here are the steps to complete the task.

In addition, we looked inside the steps to install the Windows subsystem for Linux 2, define top XAMPP as a web development environment, completely Uninstall Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers using GOD (Video driver uninstaller), and the instructions to configure share network files in Windows 10.

Also, you can refer to this guide to know all the environment variables available in Windows 10 to quickly navigate through any installation.

Finally yeah you are New in Windows 10 May 2020 Update, you can use this guide to learn all that’s new with new version of operating system.

If you have any technical problems, remember that you can send your questions to Pureinfotech forums.

  Microsoft plans to show Xbox Series X games on May 7

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