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Warn about the use of cookies on your website

When we visit a web page, it is normal for text files called cookies to be stored in the browser’s cache area. These files contain various information that will later be used to show, for example, when collecting data on visits, that some have already been made from that computer. They also serve to host data that helps advertising managers to display advertisements that may be of interest to the user.

About cookies

Since May 2012, the cookie policy, issued by the EU, has been in force, which requires all websites to show information to their visitors about the possibility of recording these cookies. At this time all articles are fully developed and approved, if not in all, yes in most countries. Website owners must warn visitors about such recording, inviting them to follow or leave the site. It is also convenient to direct them to a page in which the site’s Privacy Policy is explained.

Google Ads Policy

Just three days ago Google sent an email to everyone who has Adsense ads embedded on their pages, informing them that they must do everything necessary to comply with the European Union User Consent Policy. The following warning is displayed in the message: “Make sure you comply with the requirements of this policy as soon as possible (never after September 30, 2015)”. Whether or not you have Adsense ads on your website, it is your obligation to take the appropriate measures to comply with the rules. If you don’t, you can pay the consequences.

WordPress: Warning about the use of cookies

What can we do if our site is developed and managed with WordPress? There are a few plugins that serve to show visitors a warning window. We have already tried more than one and in the end we have decided to install WP Cookie Banner, which we have been active for some time, more than two years, and with which we are fully satisfied. It does not offer any type of problems when setting its configuration, offering the right and necessary options.

If we have not yet created a page in which we explain our Privacy Policy, which explains the Cookies Policy, is the first step we must take. After that, we can download and install the plugin following the usual steps: Plugins -> Add new and type in the search box WP Cookie Banner. After downloading and activating it, we must access Settings -> WP Cookie Banner.

Configure WP Cookie Banner

In the settings page you just have to set some other settings:

  • Indicate the period of time that must elapse until the banner that shows the information about cookies reappears to a user. It can be set from one day to one year.
  • Indicate the period of time that the banner remains active on a page. They can be specified from 2 to 30 seconds or let the user close it: Stay put.
  • Specify the page that contains the information about the Privacy Policy.
  • Write the message that will be displayed on the banner. It can be something similar to the following:
  • You can change or leave the CSS styles as they are by default.
  • Before exiting the page, you must save the changes.
  • You can also get the plugin and see all its features by accessing WP Cookie Banner.