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Walkman and cell waterproof for KDDI

Walkman and cell waterproof for KDDI

Tokyo – Sony-Ericsson’s Walkman range will soon enter the troubled Japanese mobile phone market. This was announced by the Japanese operator KDDI.

The phone manufactured by Sony Ericsson in Japan is part of a commercial strategy that KDDI is putting in place to withstand a now fierce competition. The recent introduction of mobile number portability also ignites a market worth the equivalent of 68 billion euros.

An arena that requires the protagonists who operate there to expand and diversify the products and services offered in order not to lose positions. Business diversification and alliances are the fundamental ingredients of the strategies of Japanese TLC companies. A few weeks ago, the news of Softbank’s takeover of Vodafone KK, the Japanese unit of Vodafone, which a few days ago entered into a joint venture with the same operator for the development and production of equipment and software. And the same Softbank, according to news recently reported by the press, would have some negotiations with Apple to study the development and launch of an iPod-phone.

The W42S will be the phone that KDDI intends to market from next June at a list price of 20 thousand yen (about 150 euros) and which, being also a Walkman (the first to make its appearance in the Japanese empire), will focus on own musical vocation, thanks to an internal memory of 1 GB. Users will be allowed to download music tracks directly from the KDDI site.

To keep faith with the intention to keep the offer of its products heterogeneous, KDDI has declared that, also in June, it will launch a waterproof mobile phone. It will be the W42CA from G’zOne (Casio).

Dario Bonacina