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Vibrato, music for the deaf

Vibrato, music for the deaf

London – Shane Kerwin, a graduate in Product Design from Brunel University in England, has created a special loudspeaker that allows deaf people to hear music with their fingers.

“Vibrato”, as the device is called, transmits the vibration of the instruments on five different pads: in this way people with hearing problems can relive – assures Kerwin – the sensation of listening to music through touch.

Although the ear allows those with hearing to distinguish different sounds, extra support is needed for the fingers and the body to be able to do so. The different vibrations transmitted to the pads allow you to identify the notes, the rhythm and the combinations of these. Furthermore, “Vibrato” will allow you to create your own music. By connecting the speaker to the PC, you can use specific software to explore this type of music production.

Shane Kerwin said he hopes “Vibrato” will have a positive impact in schools by stimulating children with hearing problems to use the same PCs and software that others use in music lessons.

“Children will be able to have fun during the music hours like never before. This solution could also prove to be an excellent vehicle for integration, alleviating the side effects of a handicap which, especially among the youngest, creates marginalization. Being able to hear the music that others listen to is definitely a step forward ”.

“There are many deaf people who would enjoy music and new production technologies. The tactile sensations produced by Vibrato can help in this direction. After all, it is a way for people to discover the beauty of the world of music “, said Paul Whittaker, Artistic Director at Music and the Deaf, the British charity that works to bring people affected by music closer to music. hearing disorders.

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