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USA, new control options

USA, new control options

Parents who are convinced that they can exercise better control over their children by equipping them with a mobile phone can now count, in the USA, on the Smart Limits for Wireless solution launched by AT&T, a service that allows them to have control over the use of the mobile phone entrusted to the offspring through usage limits.

The solution allows parents to set limits on the maximum conversation time, the number of SMS, Instant Messaging and downloads.

The basic idea is that in this way mothers and fathers can manage the cellular life of their children, intervening on how and when they will be allowed to telephone, surf the Internet and so on. It is a service that can give parents “a communication tool to keep in touch with their offspring while avoiding unwanted charges on their bills,” said David Christopher, marketing manager at AT&T Wireless.

Smart Limits for Wireless also allows you to inhibit calls to telephone numbers deemed unwelcome or inappropriate and set time slots for use of the telephone. A sort of telephone firewall, therefore, which can be updated online at any time. At an overall affordable cost: $ 4.99 per month (about 3.70 euros).

Dario Bonacina