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United Mobile: a post-Skype Web 2.0?

United Mobile: a post-Skype Web 2.0?

Milan – There is an illustrious person, albeit little known to the general public, who has decided to focus on United Mobile, a virtual mobile operator (MVNO for friends) based in Liechtenstein and which provides mobile communication services around the world. The character is Martin Lund, who collaborated financially with Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis on the development and implementation of Skype.

The company – which declares operations in 140 countries – promises affordable rates for calls between EU states, Morocco, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

“United Mobile has the solution that everyone has been waiting for – said Lund – and the turnover I was looking for,” he admitted. “The company’s main goal is to apply the Skype model to mobile telephony to meet the needs of the average mobile user. United Mobile will provide a combination of Truphone, Jajah and Skype within a One SIM card Service “.

The company’s goal is ambitious: to become a leader in the provision of mobile telephony services in the world. Which in a market like that of TLC is definitely a tiring goal.