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Tv on cell phone, but who wants it?

Tv on cell phone, but who wants it?

London – It seems that British users have no intention of widening their eyes to watch TV. Not only do they dislike seeing it on their mobile phone, but they prefer to see it on their pc while surfing the web. This was revealed by a survey conducted by Entertainment Media Research on a sample of 1,500 users, in relation to the joint offers of television content formulated by operators and media.

Although 65% of UK users recognize the mobile phone as the most useful electronic device, 70% of mobile network users would have revealed that they do not want to watch TV on their mobile at all. The survey indicates that most consumers prefer to watch television content on their PCs, making them assume a role of primary entertainers, at least equal to “traditional” TV. TV on PC would be considered more versatile and flexible, leaving the user the freedom to see what he prefers with the maximum freedom of time.

The results of the research could offer interesting insights, and refute the reasons behind some recent business alliances: at the end of October the new service (active from this month) Sky Mobile TV was presented, the result of the agreement signed between Vodafone and the British Sky Broadcastings group. The new offering allows all UK Vodafone customers to see 19 channels on their 3G mobile phones. In the meantime, Italy too should soon become acquainted with mini TV, by virtue of the collaboration agreements already signed between operators and the media, such as those that link TRE to Rai and TIM to Mediaset.

Offers that operators and the media would be forced to downsize, if the forecasts of the survey were confirmed, in the United Kingdom as in our peninsula, with a lukewarm success with the public.

Dario Bonacina