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TV and artistic preciousness in the new Nokia

TV and artistic preciousness in the new Nokia

Precious as jewels and multi-accessories, some cell phones could be safely displayed in the windows of jewelers and in electronics outlets, among televisions. This is the case of the new models presented by Nokia, N76 and N77, ready to be shown off as a status symbol by the demanding and opulent users who will buy them.

The Nokia N76, whose characteristics are shown in this page, is not an absolute novelty but its latest incarnation, starting from the shell.

The already multi-equipped quadband (see photo on the side) has in fact been re-presented in a special edition signed by the Finnish artist Bjorn Weckström, an elegant design that sports, in the back, a handcrafted plaque, which shows a bas-relief that reproduces the ice of the Finnish coasts shaped by the wind. Jewel for the few, whose price is unknown, this very special edition of the Nokia N76 will be on sale only in the Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki.

Definitely less exclusive, but no less appreciable, is the Nokia N77, the marketing of which was announced just recently in Finland.

Among the features of this phone (photo on the left), previewed at 3GSM in Barcelona as a “multimedia computer optimized for the use of mobile TV”, the presence of the tuner for TV with DVB-H technology, enriched with a time-shifting function, which allows you to “freeze” a 30-second recording of the broadcast you are watching and then resume watching it without losing even a second.

Triband GSM / GPRS / UMTS terminal, the new NokiaTVcell is also equipped with a 2.4-inch 16 million color display, 2 Megapixel digital camera, 20 MB memory expandable with microSD cards, Bluetooth connectivity. Further details on the N77 model are available in this sheet.

It is not yet possible to know if the device will be marketed on the Italian market.