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Turkey, fire and flames on mobile phones in mosque

Turkey, fire and flames on mobile phones in mosque

Ankara – A significant diatribe has opened in Turkey on the protection of the right to keep mobile phones on even in mosques. The strenuous appeals placed at the entrance to the sacred places, in fact, do not seem to have served to stem the disturbance of trills and mono and polyphonic ringtones during religious services, so much so that the imams seem ready to declare war on the mobile phone.

They have every reason, to be honest: in every sacred place, regardless of religious denomination, the sounds of a mobile phone can cause considerable disturbance to the congregation of the faithful. In Turkey there are many imams who have adopted the solution of GSM blockers, phone-jammers in all respects, to prevent cell phones from ringing. About 350 euros have been “invested” in this solution in the most important mosque in the city of Adapazari.

But not all the faithful agree. Some have in fact appealed to the Constitution, which guarantees the right to communication, to oppose the prohibitionist initiatives of the religious.

Imam Ahmet Kobal does not retreat and simply explains the reasons for his choice to block the coverage of the GSM signal: “During moments of prayer it is really annoying to hear ringtones ringing with Mozart music or belly dance pieces: it makes you lose your concentration”.

The vision of the imams, however, does not find support in the public office for telecommunications, which wrote to the Directorate for Religious Affairs reporting that these initiatives violate Article 22 of the Turkish Constitution, which establishes the freedom of communication, indeed inviting all mosques to eliminate jammers.