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Trolltech says goodbye to Greenphone

Trolltech says goodbye to Greenphone

Oslo – Trolltech’s Greenphone, the first smartphone based on a fully open Linux-based software platform, had a very short life. Presented for the first time to the public just over a year ago, the device is no longer for sale: Trolltech has in fact ceased production and, in recent days, has got rid of the last inventory.

The Norwegian company explained that the decision should not be interpreted as a Greenphone failure far from it: according to him, the platform has fully achieved its purpose, which was to stimulate the development of open mobile phones and attract industry attention to its Qtopia Phone Edition (QPE) graphical environment.

“The success of Greenphone is in large part due to the fact that it has managed to fill a gap in the market, and it has done so by providing an open platform that can be used for experimentation and creation of innovative applications,” explained Benoit Schillings, CTO of Trolltech. .

Now Trolltech intends to return to focus on its core business , software, leaving hardware design to companies like FIC, creator of Neo 1973. While the latter is currently being sold alongside the Linux-based OpenMoko platform, it is now fully compatible with QPE as well. However, the company plans to extend support for its software platform to a growing number of devices, and to “continue working with hardware manufacturers to bring new open phones to market.”

For developers and operators looking for a platform for developing Qtopia-based applications, Trolltech suggests purchasing the Neo 1973. The company however, it has promised to continue to support its Greenphone platform for which it will release some updates in the coming months.