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TRE presents his Skypephone

TRE presents his Skypephone

Milan – TRE and Skype yesterday presented the long-awaited 3 Skypephone, a 3G mobile phone offered with integrated the functions of the popular soft-VoIP application, made accessible by a big button placed between the display and the numeric keypad.

“3 Skypephone – explains the presentation note – is a 3G videophone, complete with applications and ready to use Skype through the pre-installed software”. As for the VoIP application, usable thanks to the presence of iSkoot, the device allows the user to make Skype calls to other Skype users (on mobile or PC). In practice, the offer is aimed at customers who have not subscribed (or do not intend to subscribe) to the X-Series offer, which already includes the same service.

From the point of view of the platform it is in practice an emancipation from the PC, which however is only partial, since it is not yet possible to make SkypeOut calls. Anyone wishing to call users who are not registered on Skype must use the device as a normal mobile phone. TRE specifies that the 3 Skypephone has been available in Italy since yesterday, in the Skype and TRE online stores, by calling the number 199.100700 and, shortly, also in the 5 thousand TRE sales points: with a TRE rechargeable loan for use at 19 euros; with a subscription – to be chosen between Zero5 and Zero7 and among all the Business ones – it is always possible to have it on loan, but without additional charge.

The 3 Skypephone, as well as in Italy, will be marketed in the other countries where there is an operator of the Hutchison Wampoa group, namely the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macao and Sweden. The Skype service in Italy is therefore provided only under the coverage of TRE (declared equal to 84% of the population). Abroad, under the cover of another Group operator, the device can be used to call and chat; for calls received, there is a charge of 29 euro cents on answer. It goes without saying that the normal roaming tariffs are applied for traditional calls outside Italy. Those who are not already Skype users can create a Skype account directly from 3 Skypephone, or follow the usual registration procedure on the skype.com website.

“All customers who purchase the 3 Skypephone – adds the note – will have 10 hours of traffic every day dedicated to calls from Skype to Skype and 600 chat messages on Skype”. The particularly verbose chatter will be notified when his daily quota approaches 70% of the messages included, i.e. after the 400th message. “Purchasing it by January 31st 2008 – reads the press release – Skype voice traffic on Skype and Skype chat will be automatically included until 1/31/2008. From February 1, 2008, to access Skype services with 3 Skypephone it will be necessary to make at least one top-up per month, which can be used for all other 3 services. With the Zero5 and Zero7 and all Business subscriptions, the Skype service is always included ” .

As a mobile phone, the 3 Skypephone – which is produced by the Chinese company Amoi – has the following declared characteristics:
– Fully integrated Skype functionality with contacts, call log and attendance
– Access to Java and 3D games and 2 preloaded games
– 2 Megapixel camera
– Internet browser
– Bluetooth
– Weight: 86g
– Dimensions: 100 x 44 x 13.6mm thick
– Standby battery life: 320 hours
– Talk time battery life: 170 minutes
– Screen size: 2 inch QCIF (176 x 220)
– Colors: 262 thousand
– Internal memory: 16 MB
– External memory: micro SD expandable to 1 GB (including 256MB micro SD memory card without adapter)