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To make a cell, you need a tree

To make a cell, you need a tree

Rome – It might look like a toy, made with the nature style of toys of the past, but it is a perfectly functional mobile phone. It was made by a Russian craftsman, evidently intolerant to the usual plastic materials normally used in the manufacture of mobile phones, which could inspire a new course in the development of eco-friendly products, although it comes at least a good second after the wooden notebook made years ago by a famous Italian hacker. Modding operations now frequent in the world of computers, much less in that of mobile phones.

Mastro Geppetto who comes from the cold – whose work is described by English Russia – used wood to make the cover, the antenna lining and the battery and SIM slots, leaving the remaining components unchanged.

The display and the keyboard seem to betray the Ericsson origin, it would seem in fact a mobile phone produced by the Swedish company before signing the partnership with Sony.

In an age where design offers the possibility of having ultra-thin phones, this phone may perhaps look like an authentic antique. But who knows that some company – with an efficient research and development department – does not take a cue from this realization to launch the mass production of an ecological mobile phone, at least in the look.

Dario Bonacina