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TIM, the new All-Inclusive offers


TIM, the new All-Inclusive offers

Milan – The Bersani post-package, for TIM is called “All inclusive”. From this week, in fact, the mobile operator has included in its price list the promotional offers of the range that bears this name, and which will be valid until May 13, 2007.

The offer is divided into three different alternatives, which provide for a voice traffic package included in the cost of a defined monthly fee, and which share the following characteristics:
– the minimum duration of the contract is 24 months, in the event of early withdrawal a penalty is required (210 euros if the withdrawal is requested in the first 8 months, 140 euros if the withdrawal takes place up to the 16th month, 70 euros for who withdraws between the 16th and 24th month);
– the domiciliation must take place on a credit card;
– a one-off initial contribution of 99 euros is required, or one euro cent (depending on the terminal chosen by the customer);
– the maximum duration foreseen for a single call is 30 minutes; upon exceeding, TIM will apply the rate of 19 cents per minute;
– once the option minute package has been exceeded, TIM will apply the rate of 25 cents per minute to telephone calls, plus a connection fee of 16 cents.
In turn, each alternative has two options, with telephone and without telephone

These are the three possibilities:
– “Tutto Compreso 90” provides for a monthly fee of 90 euros (to be spent on traffic for the option “with telephone, otherwise 89 euros are for voice traffic and one euro is for the telephone rate). The offer includes 900 minutes of national voice calls to national fixed and mobile phones, 700 SMS to be sent to TIM numbers on national fixed phones, 200 SMS to other mobile networks, 900 MB of data traffic (internet browsing or mailbox consultation from apn ibox .tim.it); in addition, a limit of 90 minutes to call 49001 (to “listen” to the mailbox).

– “Tutto Compreso 60” has a monthly fee of 60 euros (also here one euro is for the payment of the telephone, if the option provides for it) and offers 600 minutes of national voice traffic (fixed and mobile network), 600 MB of data traffic and 60 minutes of calls to 49001;

– “All Inclusive 30” requires a fee of 30 euros per month (29 of traffic, 1 telephone installment if the option that foresees it is chosen) and includes 250 minutes of national calls.

Those who switch to TIM from another operator with a number portability service will be able to access the “MNP Tutto Compreso” promotion and benefit from a bonus of 50% on the fee for the chosen offer for three months. This bonus will be credited as voice traffic.

The offer is also valid for subscription contracts: the customer who adheres to an “All Inclusive” offer will be able to earn a monthly bonus equal to 5.16 euros (the same amount as the government concession fee) in national voice traffic, from consume in the month in which it will be credited.