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TIM also puts landline on mobile

TIM also puts landline on mobile

Milan – At the Berlin convention which ended Sunday, TIM presented the new strategies for the next season and, among the various offers, presented Maxxi TIM Casa a fixed-to-mobile convergence solution that really has a lot in common with Vodafone Casa Libera which was presented by Vodafone while TIM and Telecom Italia presented Unica.

The offer is thus added to the quadruple-play solution presented at the beginning of October which, as it is easy to guess, is aimed at a different target. Maxxi TIM Casa provides a monthly fee of 5 euros to allow the user to call from their home to all fixed network numbers and TIM mobile phones for 500 minutes of daily traffic, paying a connection fee of 16 euro cents for each call. . The same offer, limited to fixed numbers only (excluding calls to TIM mobile phones), provides for a reduced fee of 3 euros per month.

This solution also allows you to link your fixed domestic user number to your mobile phone, in order to receive calls to your home phone on your mobile phone. Availability also allowed outside the home, or rather outside the home-zone: the user will be notified of an incoming call by a free SMS or, optionally, by the answering machine service.

The Maxxi TIM Casa user will also be informed that he is inside the home-zone from his mobile phone, the
whose display will show the wording “TIM Casa”. To subscribe to the offer, the user must have a 128K SIM Card, which will be delivered at no additional cost.