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The Vista PC from HP is sensitive … to touch

The Vista PC from HP is sensitive … to touch

Las Vegas (USA) – Dusting off an old but unfortunate idea of ​​combining a touch-sensitive display with desktop personal computers, HP has launched a line of PCs equipped with touch-screen technology.

The first member of the family is the TouchSmart PC an all-in-one desktop computer equipped with a touch sensitive display, similar to that used on tablet PCs, combined with an ad hoc interface called HP Smart Center: this GUI, which runs on top of Windows Vista, uses much larger icons than normal and provides tools, such as digital diary and photo album, optimized for stylus control.

The TouchSmart PC has a 19-inch LCD screen, remote control, and video recording capabilities with high definition support. The system also includes an Ethernet network adapter, a Bluetooth module, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

TouchSmart will be launched on January 30, the launch date of Windows Vista, at a price of $ 1,889.

HP marketed the first touch-screen desktop PC back in 1983 under the name HP-150. The system used an Intel 8088 processor and the MS-DOS operating system.

At CES, HP also unveiled the Pavilion tx1000 convertible notebook, defined by the company as the first consumer tablet PC optimized for Windows Vista. The laptop includes a remote control, advanced multimedia features, support for Wi-Fi and QuickPlay, software that HP says “allows you to access TV channels and recorded content just as easily and instantly as on a TV.”