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The taser kills in Canada

The taser kills in Canada

Robert Dziekanski died at Vancouver airport after being stunned with a taser . According to witnesses, the police would have gone quickly: after only 24 seconds from their intervention – Robert did not even speak English – they proceeded to shoot. Upon arrival of help, Dziekanski, who fell unconscious, was pronounced dead.

History appears to be a collection of unfortunate events. About ten days ago, after a 14-hour flight from Poland, Dziekanski was preparing to reunite with his mother, who had already emigrated to Canada. However, it was not enough ten hours in a queue at customs to complete the entry procedures. Robert became more and more angry, also because he was not allowed to communicate in any way with his mother, who was waiting for him in the terminal. And, say the intervening agents, he would have opposed their decision to try to calm him down.

After about six hours of waiting, the mother was told that Robert was not at the airport. The woman had then returned home, a 5-hour drive away, only to discover upon her arrival a message on the answering machine informing her that her son had been found. Dziekanksi died shortly after one in the morning, struck by the electric discharge of the taser, while his mother was on the road again to pick him up .

According to local media reports, relief efforts were slow to arrive. An investigation has been opened: it seems there are several videos provided by witnesses that could help shed some light on the incident . Below is a local videotiziario with the report on what happened. (LA)