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The solar cell phone is made in China

The solar cell phone is made in China

Rome – The mobile phone that uses the Sun as a charger is no longer a simple study: presented at CEBIT as a concept of a solar-powered mobile phone, the S116 model of the Chinese Hi-Tech Wealth is about to be officially marketed.

As Engadget reports, if exposed to the Sun for an hour the device promises an autonomy of 40 minutes in conversation. Even the faint light of a gloomy day, or that of a chandelier, or even the light of a candle, can be enough to give the S116 a boost: in these cases, however, the manufacturer points out, the available energy will be limited.

With an optimal exposure (a few hours in the sunlight), Hi-Tech Wealth declares however that the solar cell phone allows you to make and receive phone calls and SMS, but also to take pictures with the integrated 1.3 Megapixel camera and store them on a TransFlash memory card. The technologies used in the engineering of the S116 are covered by 20 patents registered in China.

The sale price of the mobile phone will be around 385 euros. A high price if you consider that it is a dual band GSM, but justified, as stated by ZhengYu Zhang, President and CEO of Hi-Tech Wealth: “The S116 is a revolutionary product, with unique technologies and not available elsewhere. “.

For the moment, the device will only see the Chinese sunlight, as its debut will take place on the market of the most populous country in the world. In the future, also depending on the success achieved at home, the “environmentalist” mobile phone could “recharge” on Western markets as well.

Dario Bonacina