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The site goes mobile with a few clicks

The site goes mobile with a few clicks

The mobile segment is in turmoil. The novelty has become practice. After Apple’s outing and Google’s latest flirtation with Jaiku, here is the advent of MoFuse, a small and still anonymous online service that allows “mobile fusion”, or the transformation of your website into a mobile version .

The Read / WriteWeb editorial team has tested its potential, discovering that it is in fact a simplified solution of the popular Winksite.

MoFuse, streamlined the community functions, proves to be extremely usable: it is sufficient to provide the software with your own RSS feed to witness its “transformation” for mobile devices. An operation with a simple flavor, which can however help to spread a lot of content in a very simple way.

The interface appears quite user-friendly, although there is no shortage of many layout customization options in AJAX. Plus, mobile AdSense support is already available. Certainly it is still a Beta, but according to the author of the review MoFuse is already proving to all intents and purposes a valid tool for bloggers.

MoFuse is currently available by invitation only, but Read / WriteWeb has had the opportunity to have 200 subscriptions for the Beta.

The online community has welcomed the news. On Digg.com they have already called it the “Feedburner for mobile”. The lack of some Web 2.0 options, support for comments, for example, doesn’t matter much, at least for now.

Dario d’Elia