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The Navman that navigates the cell phone

The Navman that navigates the cell phone

London – The North Star has long since given way to satellite navigators, which today are able to slip into cell phones without difficulty. Like the new solution presented by Navman, Mobile Travel Assist – S60 edition.

This package combines the latest Travel Assist software, S60 edition for Symbian (on memory card) and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Once installed on your mobile phone, the S60 software enables NavPix technology, which allows you to navigate using photos, even taken with your mobile phone.

“The new NavPix technology – reports the company in a note – completely differentiates Navman from the competition. With NavPix it is in fact possible to take photographs of your favorite places using the mobile phone camera, or receive them via MMS, and reach them thanks to the geographic information related to them. So, if you are in a nice bar or restaurant, just take an image of that particular place, send it to a mobile phone equipped with NavPix technology and, thanks to the navigation capabilities of the S60 edition, the user will be guided to destination”.

The S60 edition software was developed in cooperation with tourist information publishers. The content of the wireless services integrated into the S60 edition promises to provide traffic information, flight details and precise descriptions of places such as restaurants, bars and other points of interest.

“Traffic updates in real time – the company promises – will soon be available throughout Europe starting from Germany. Traffic information, updated every 15 minutes, will be provided by a centralized server and will be available with a simple click from the menu. The GPS receiver identifies the exact position with an updated traffic situation, complete with a schematic description, thus allowing users to drive avoiding traffic jams and save time ”.

To use the S60 edition, you need a Symbian 60 series phone, a Bluetooth GPS receiver, and software on a memory card.

Two types of Navman receivers are offered, the B10 and the B20, both featuring SiRF Star III technology. There are also two types of 512MB memory cards (with local maps) and 1GB (which contain preloaded Western European maps).

The application installs automatically once inserted into the phone and a complete list of compatible mobile phones is available on the Navman website. Navman’s Mobile Travel Assist S60 will go on sale at a suggested retail price of 199 euros starting in late October at major electronics outlets and online on the company’s website.