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The mobile phone without a keyboard

The mobile phone without a keyboard

Some may remind you of a Lego accessory, others may think of a revival of the game of 15. Instead it is the touch-less phone Tarati, a concept bordering on the absurd conceived by Branko Lukic who thought of a cellphone with a keyboard… with a hole in it.

This is the description of the device, offered by Lukic himself and reported by Gizmodo: “Tarati (which in Sanskrit means” through “, ed) enables the user to connect with others by passing their fingers, in order, through the keyboard holes. This dialing operation is a magical and more meaningful experience than what goes on behind appearances. It allows you to contact someone without physically touching a single button. Its design reflects human connectivity in a less material / mechanical, and more sensual form ”.

Will a cellphone like Tarati ever go into production? Hard to say. In the meantime it is possible to see a presentation in the video available at this address. The non-keypad, which has fifteen holes (or non-keys), is combined with two displays (one upper, the other lower), with the usual information on the call or contact chosen from the directory.

The idea is certainly innovative and the absence of touch may even seem sensual to someone, but it just does not seem like a gadget within the reach of those with “sausage” fingers. Not to mention that, for those who want to try alternative sensations to the keypad, mobile phones with voice control are now widespread.