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The mobile phone that violates you

The mobile phone that violates you

Rome – What is a cell phone that tells the user which VIP they look like? Nothing if he doesn’t have the ambition to pursue a career as a lookalike. In Japan, however, this service has been launched: it is called kaocheki and there are those who swear that it is enjoying some success.

Talking about the new forms of Vippism is the Japan Times, which highlights the popularity of this singular and ephemeral face test (the meaning of “kaocheki”, ed): since its launch, which took place two months ago, it would have been used for over 22 million of people.

The kaocheki, the VIP identification that uses a facial recognition technology developed by Oki Electric Industry for much more serious security applications, is a service offered at no cost: by sending a photo to [email protected] (address valid for male users) or [email protected] (female), in a short time you will get a result of comparability with the faces of the celebrities in the database.

“Everyone, regardless of gender and age, is interested in knowing if you have success written on your face” comes to support Tayuki Miyata, the 34-year-old founder of J-Magic who launched the new fashion pastime in the Rising Sun, which he founded his fortune on the integration of high-definition digital cameras into mobile phones.

The company, however, has a new service in the pipeline for singles looking for a soul mate resembling the star or diva he is a fan of . But for the kaocheki a business linked to the world of marketing is already foreseen: Miyata hypothesizes the possibility of making the service a vehicle for advertising messages: “By sending the photo to a certain site, one could be classified in certain categories and receive a message that says, for example, You look like Ebihara Yuri (a well-known Japanese model, ed), so we advise you to choose this type of clothes and jewels ”, suggesting the points of sale where you can vent your desire for emulation.

Dario Bonacina