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The mobile phone that reports the delay

The mobile phone that reports the delay

Rome – “It is announced that Mr. Mario Rossi will arrive with an estimated delay of about 15 minutes”. A similar message could reach the mobile phone of a person who arrived on time for an appointment, if Mr. Rossi – late – was equipped with Oops Ìm Late (“Oops, I’m late”), a solution for Windows Mobile that allows you to notify someone – automatically – of your… lack of punctuality.

“Oops Ìm Late”, says The Register, is an application that combines the information contained in the smartphone agenda and the user’s location, detected via GPS, taking care to notify, in case of delay, the person with whom you have appointment, with an SMS or a call. The system connects the data in the diary with the GeoNames database to obtain the geographical location of the appointments and compares them with the geographical position of the user, who obviously cannot be equipped with a GPS module. By calculating the time of the itinerary and crossing it with the date and time of the event recorded on the agenda, it provides a plausible estimate of the arrival time.

The estimate translates into an SMS message (or an automatic call) only if the estimated travel time exceeds the scheduled time and is worth a warning: with today’s traffic and transport problems, 15 minutes of “academic delay” could be considered acceptable without particular notice.

Very convenient for those who delay by default, that is chronically, Oops Ìm Late is available for download in a trial version – valid for three days – at this address. The Standard version costs $ 68.99 (52 euros), while the Professional costs $ 99.99, about 75 euros.

Dario Bonacina