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The mobile phone is also a typewriter

The mobile phone is also a typewriter

Rome – The fountain pen is prehistoric, the typewriter is Middle Ages, word processing and computers are modern: the modern writer uses his mobile phone to write a novel. The example may seem extreme, but it is not unlikely: it is demonstrated by the Piedmontese Roberto Bernocco, author of a 384-page novel written entirely with his mobile phone.

The book, entitled “Travel Companions”, is published on the online digital content marketplace Lulu.com. The author, who works in the IT sector and travels a lot for work, not having a lot of free time has decided to use a portable, pocket-sized and always handy writing tool: his Nokia 6630.

“We live in an era where people have little free time due to work and family commitments and this could stifle creativity – observes Cristel Lee Leed, European Vice President of Lulu.com – Roberto Bernocco is a classic example of the typology of authors. to run into on Lulu. He was not only creative in what he wrote, but also in the way he wrote! ”

It is not easy to type with one hand on a small keyboard, but the T9 system can help a lot in this sense (it can also be an obstacle with particular words: have you ever tried to write “filling”?). “By dividing the manuscript into relatively short paragraphs – explains a note from Lulu.com – and saving them on the phone, he created his own manuscript, which was then assembled for proofreading and final layout on a PC”.

“Only a few years ago – says the author – I struggled to find the time and the publishing house that could allow me to create this book. Thanks to my Nokia and Lulu, I am now proud to be a published author ”. The novel “Travel Companions”, for the record, can be found at this address. The preview of the novel is instead available here.

Dario Bonacina