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The Middle: Find the secret door code in the Red House (Guide)

You enter the game quite late The middle the Red House. Here you have to solve a bigger puzzle, which basically consists of several small puzzles and can be a bit confusing at first. The complete solution for the red house we explain you in this guide. Once you have successfully solved the puzzle, the passage to the basement of the house is free.

Here’s how to find the code for the secret basement door.

If you go down or down the half-destroyed stairs, you will find a great room in the basement. Be sure to research it at your own pace, as there is a lot of basic plot information from “The Medium” hidden here.

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On the right side of the basement there is a Wall advance, through which Marianne becomes adjoining room can force. Here you will immediately notice a thick steel door running through a electronic keyboard It is safe. Without the correct code coming out of the total Four digits exists, it won’t go any further at this point.

Find clues to the door code

Now go back to Big room and turn to the opposite side. In the adjacent room you must have one green closet open it with a Iron chain is blocked. Use the Shears. Inside the cabinet is the Packing a pocket watch. This watch is a gift from Thomas Frau to her husband on the occasion of their 10th anniversary.

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The Middle: Find the secret door code in the Red House (Guide)

There is one on the right side of the closet. Invoice from a watch storethat in the April 14, 1976 Is exposed. Now we already know that it is the 10th anniversary, so it makes sense to count those 10 years back.

All you have to do is subtract 10 years from 1976 and you will receive the door code – 1966. If you entered the code correctly, the door opens and you can enter the bunker.

The Middle: Find the secret door code in the Red House (Guide)

Note: By the way, you can use Marianne’s insight outside the closed door to see the Keyboard to recognize which digits were used – 1, 6, 9. However, you are missing a number, right? Of course, 9 was pressed twice, so only three digits are highlighted.

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