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The make-up is recommended by your mobile phone

The make-up is recommended by your mobile phone

Forget the long discussions with the orders in department stores or perfumery: from now on you just need to take a photo with your mobile phone and send an SMS, to comfortably receive all the tips to have a really suitable makeup to your skin.

The mechanism developed by HP, called Color Match uses complex algorithms to extract skin colors from a photo: you need a specific palette with which to be photographed and then send an MMS to a brain central, which will process the image. Any mobile phone, provided it has a camera, and any operator can be used.

Once the image has reached its destination, the palette is used for retouch and balance the photo to adapt it to the lighting conditions in which it was shot. At this point the pixels that form the face are collected and compared with a database, containing the already analyzed images of the faces of other people. In a few seconds the best combination between natural and artificial colors of make-up, allowing the buyer to always make the right choice.

“HP’s color matching technology provides retailers and manufacturers with new tools to interact with buyers and promote their products,” said Nina Bhatti, one of the scientists working for HP. “For those who buy cosmetics, this technology is a sort of virtual beauty consultant in the palm of your hand “. The Color Match product is ready to be placed on the market: now HP is looking for it business partners to license the technology.

The cell phone could be further confirmed, therefore, as support for shopping : by exploiting this technology, the percentage of purchases that leaves unsatisfied would decrease, perhaps precisely because it was not possible to find the chromatic combination you were looking for. Who, for example, hasn’t stayed at least once for hours staring at two jackets, wondering which was black and which dark blue?

Luca Annunziata