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The Intel breakthrough for mobile Linux

The Intel breakthrough for mobile Linux

Intel has been looking with interest towards Linux for years, but now the Santa Clara giant has decided to come out and launch the Mobile & Internet Linux Project, aka Moblin, an initiative that could be of crucial importance in accelerating the rise of Linux. on the embedded and wireless market.

The project aims to develop open source software and technologies for mobile devices, starting with providing the open source community with the components necessary to run Linux on mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and other devices. Moblin currently includes several sub-projects that deal with improving and extending the kernel and developing graphical interface, web browser, multimedia framework, tools for creating embedded Linux images and development kits. In addition to this, moblin.org hosts documentation, forums, maling lists and other community services.

Intel states that its initiative is not intended to create a new mobile operating system, but to help complete and improve existing ones, such as Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition and Red Flag Midinux, promoting mutual interoperability. To do this, Moblin.org intends to act as an “incubator of ideas and prototype projects” relating to mobile devices, including those that use third-party hardware architectures.

Moblin will also take care of promoting and advertising its activities at major industry events, including the upcoming Ubuntu Live conference.