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The importance of using WhatsApp as a means of communication

The importance of using WhatsApp as a means of communication

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the three best-known applications today, not only for its usefulness but for its different functions in terms of communication. It is an excellent means of communication and today, with a world that is so interconnected, it is necessary to use this type of tool, which also they make it easier for us to communicate with people even on the other side of the world.

This app can be used for both personal use and business use (WhatsAppBusiness), but always with the firm idea of ​​keeping in touch. It currently has more than 2,000 million users worldwide and it is a figure that will surely go up because it is not only the present but the future.

Using a tool like WhatsApp to communicate has advantages that are important in today’s and future society, in this article we will talk to you precisely about the importance of creating an account on WhatsApp and using it as a means of communication.

Instant communication

One of the main advantages of using WhatsApp and tools like this is that we can communicate instantly with a specific person or a group of people. Many companies have chosen to use this means of communication as the safest channel to provide information in a fast and direct.

Less need for meetings

WhatsApp is an application that makes it very easy to communicate with different people in real time, even there are business options like Slackbut you can also find options like Zoom, Telegram where you can make videoconferences and the most famous for this task which is Skype.

By using apps like these the use of email is reduced by up to 48% according to studies, and the number of meetings by 25% as they are not necessary since by simply pressing a few buttons the information can be communicated massively.

A powerful channel for brainstorming

Users of this application recognize that it is much easier for them to contribute innovative or functional ideas when it comes to improving their work performance. this tool It has taken on a lot of importance in the last two years in the workplacesince due to the pandemic Covid-19 you had to work remotely for a long time, many companies maintain it.

Possibility to create groups

It is important set rules when using one or more WhatsApp groups for work purposesespecially so that respect is maintained and order is maintained in terms of communication, we say this because sometimes the number of messages that there may be from different members of the group can become stressful.

Privacy & Security

In this area it is true that WhatsApp has received strong criticism since it has sometimes been violated, since since 2014 the application was bought by mark zuckerberg the creator of Facebook and also share an owner with Instagram, which has also been repeatedly violated.

However, we must say that communications are usually secure thanks to encryption that carries every message you send, just like every video call or voice note, all chats have encryption to keep them secret.

In something that WhatsApp should improve is what Telegram has, and that is the possibility of establishing a username, with this it is not necessary to offer our telephone numberwe simply create a username and share that link, that will take the person to a direct chat with us.