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The first Samsung Wi-Fi, VoiP and GSM landed

The first Samsung Wi-Fi, VoiP and GSM landed

Seoul – Convergence, the final frontier. UMA technology is the basis of Telecom Italia’s Unico convergent offering. But to put it in place, you need a mobile phone: and therefore Samsung presents its SGH-P200, probably the first UMA mobile phone to be marketed in our country.

The new Samsung, according to the manufacturer, will therefore be able to switch its connectivity (even in the middle of a conversation) from a GSM network to a WiFi and vice versa. An essential feature to define its use as convergent, which can therefore make it assume the role of the only home telephone (where there is a WiFi network to use a VoIP service).

A possibility that will be offered, in fact, by Telecom Italia once the problems affecting the marketing of Unico have been resolved, linked to the possible replicability of the offer by other operators. But it seems that something is moving on this front and Unico seems destined to spread in no long time.

Here are the technical characteristics of the phone:
– Dimensions 95 x 44 x 22.5 mm, weight 95 grams
– GSM / GRPS / EDGE UMA connectivity, WiFi (802.11 b / g)
– 1.3 Megapixel camera with flash
– 1.9 “TFT display with 176 × 220 pixels with 262 thousand colors
– MPEG4 / H.263 Video Player and Music Player (MP3 / AAC / ACC +)
– USB, PictBridge, Document Viewer
– Internal memory of 80 MB

TIM will offer this phone in its price list at a price of 349 euros.