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The charge of the Piratow

The charge of the Piratow

A new pirate party is emerging in Europe. It happens in Poland, where official registration of the Partia Piratòw a political group that aims to present its lists at the next European elections, scheduled for 2009.

In an interesting interview with Torrent Freak, the leader of the new political group Blazej Kaczorowski explains that the idea of ​​starting such a party, on the basis of what has happened in other countries, comes from afar, since 2006, but Only now has the decision to request official registration under Polish law been made concrete.

Kaczorowski’s training starts with a website to which about 2 thousand users have joined so far, 30 of which are defined activists . Numbers that Kaczorowski hopes will multiply in the coming months, when, thanks to the official way of political training and the new website, an information and awareness campaign can be launched.

The main themes are those that move the other Pirate Parties, starting with copyright reform to arrive at an overall redesign of the concept of intellectual property in the information age.

Beloved topics, evidently, to many of the 11 million Poles which are estimated to connect to the network with a certain frequency. Themes that have been mobilizing activists all over the world for years and are at the basis of the birth of the primitive party, that Swedish PiratPartiet that somehow paved the way.

The Polish pirates – intent on countering the pressure of the big entertainment corporations – do not seem very worried that the Swedish pirate party in the test of the elections has not so far obtained the desired results. The belief, moreover, is that the exercise of minority pressure, aimed at a univocal reform on a single strong issue, can push Polish public opinion, as well as in other countries, to give the issue of intellectual property, they say. the piratòw, centrality it deserves.