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Telecom works on the new fixed-mobile cuts

Telecom works on the new fixed-mobile cuts

Just like a year ago, with the month of July Telecom Italia will activate the new tariffs to be applied on calls from fixed network to mobile phones. A limatina appreciated by landline users.

No surprise: this year’s cuts are the second step in a process decided a year and a half ago by the TLC Authority, which established a system of planned reduction of tariffs, which are too high compared to the European average and – as he had observed ‘Antitrust – “not really cost-oriented” incurred by operators.

In the new tariff, which will come into force starting from 1 July 2007, there remains the connection fee, equal to 7.87 euro cents, and the distinction into two time bands: the entire band that goes from 8.00 to 18, 30 from Monday to Friday and the reduced one from Monday to Friday from 18.30 to 24.00 and from 0.00 to 8.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 0.00 to 24.00.

These are the rates per minute in euro cents, which vary according to the mobile operator to which the landline call is intended:
– TIM, 17.40 in full time slot, 10.19 in reduced time slot;
– Vodafone, 18.00 in full time slot, 10.40 in reduced time slot;
– Wind, 19.27 in the full range, 11.06 in the reduced range;
– TRE, 31.42 in the full range, 18.48 in the reduced range.

The new tariffs, Telecom explains as always, are subject to verification by the Communications Authority. The reason for the tariff differences lies in Agcom’s request to respect a guarantee tariff for those mobile operators who have a weaker position on the market.