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Telecom victim of a 350 thousand euro fraud

Telecom victim of a 350 thousand euro fraud

Bologna – They reprogrammed Telecom Italia switchboards, bypassing their security systems, to make free calls. Tens of thousands of phone calls for a value of 350 thousand euros. This is a fraud discovered by the Bologna Communications Police, which denounced those responsible for abusive access to telematic systems and telematic fraud.

As reported by UltimoMiglio.news, these are eleven “telephone pirates” who had managed to find a way to program the Telecom switchboards to automatically generate, at any time of day and night, telephone calls destined for more than 50 telephone numbers mobile phone with “self-recharging” tariff profile.

“In this way – explains UltimoMiglio.news – for about a year they accumulated large sums of money, which they then exploited for personal telephone traffic needs, but above all to make calls to special rate numbers of the type 899, previously activated by them. The telephone credit, obtained illegally, was thus converted into cash ”. The investigation started last spring and extended to Turin, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Taranto and Catanzaro.

From the searches and investigations conducted, a turnover was calculated, corresponding to the damage suffered by Telecom Italia, exceeding 350 thousand euros. The perpetrators of the fraud, including a construction contractor and some workers, have been cleared. According to the ADUC news bulletin, they were unmasked by the alerts generated by the control systems, which signal anomalous surges in telephone traffic.

Dario Bonacina