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Stay: 6 WhatsApp features Signal doesn’t have

Stay: 6 WhatsApp features Signal doesn’t have

This is all what you will lose if you switch from WhatsApp to Signal

Which is undoubtedly the most popular messaging application in the world and installed on millions of devices, both Android and iOS, he is not in his best moments.

We are not saying this because it has stopped working properly, but because of all the controversy surrounding it over the recent update of its terms and conditions. For those who don’t know yet, the announcement of these new WhatsApp Terms of Service refers to data handling and how businesses can use Facebook services to store and manage WhatsApp chats. Conditions that must be accepted to continue using the application in 2021.

Regardless, WhatsApp is still the number one messaging app

That is why many people who are fed up with WhatsApp have started to use other alternatives. One of them is the always recommended telegram, the other is signal, an application that was placed in the top 1 of the most popular applications overnight.

However, despite all the advantages that Signal can have, there are still some features of WhatsApp that it doesn’t have. Which are? We reveal them to you.

Highlight a message

WhatsApp allows you to highlight any conversation in a chat. Holding down the screen on any message will display a small screen with various options. One of them is highlighting (the one with the star) and allows us to “save” messages and be able to access them quickly and easily without having to dive into the whole conversation.

Quite an interesting function for always have important messages handy and not lose them.

Update statutes

WhatsApp statuses are posts that last only 24 hours.

Another feature of WhatsApp and not of Signal are the statuses. This type of Instagram stories where you can share videos, photos, texts and that disappear in 24 hours.

Interestingly, all Facebook-owned applications have this function and one of the advantages is that we can choose which users can see them and which ones cannot.

Custom Wallpapers

Another of the “advantages” of WhatsApp is to be able to customize the wallpapers of the chats of each of our contacts. In this way we can have one of our own for when we are talking with our partner, another for the group of friends and another for the work group.

For that, we only have to access the contact information and click on Wallpaper and Sound option.

Group video calls

Video calls on WhatsApp have been improved and allow more members.

With the current situation, One of the things we like the most about a messaging application is being able to make video calls with several people.. The truth is that Signal has this function in beta but WhatsApp has already officially included it for a long time.

However, let’s be honest We believe that there are better alternatives to make video calls than WhatsApp And it is that applications like Skype or ZOOM seem much more complete.

Share live location

Perhaps one of the coolest features of WhatsApp. Surely more than once you have been asked by WhatsApp where you are. Instead of responding directly, you will have submitted your position in real time.

Well unfortunately Signal doesn’t have this feature. It allows you to share locations but not ours live. So if you are one of those people who uses this feature a lot on WhatsApp, be careful about switching to Signal, which is not implemented at the moment.

Authorize payments through the application

In late 2020, WhatsApp added the ability to send and receive payments. It is a function that, although it is not available in all countries of the world, little by little the list grows.

That way if we owe money to a friend we can pay you by whatsapp And it can even be useful in the professional field, as long as we are using WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp is one of the few messaging applications that has this function. and at the moment we have no news of Signal adopting this feature anytime soon.