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Sprint wants more revenue from music

Sprint wants more revenue from music

New York – Telephone traffic is no longer enough for the US mobile operator Sprint Nextel. In fact, the company plans to give new impetus to entertainment services, especially music, for mobile phones in order to increase its profits.

In fact, during 2006 the operator will launch a new subscription scheme for the download of music tracks on users’ phones. To achieve the goal, it has entered into a wide-ranging partnership agreement with Sirius Satellite Radio, a Sprint executive reported in recent days.

Competition is increasingly fierce, the tariffs applied to telephone services are falling and mobile operators must study new solutions in order not to suffer a collapse in revenues. For this reason, the mobile phone should not be seen only as a conversation tool and it is necessary to convince users to use it for other uses. Sprint already has a subscription service that offers users the opportunity to listen to over 20 radio stations linked to Sirius via mobile phone.

The project currently under development provides users with the opportunity to purchase songs that are part of the satellite radio programming. The commercial launch of the service could take place in a few months, according to Len Lauer, Sprint’s chief operating officer.