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Spark, a great email manager for Android and macOS

There are many of us who use a mail manager designed to keep our accounts updated. If we have a mobile device, we will find a few applications for it. In the case that we have an Android phone, it is best to install Spark.

It is an application with great features, which also offers a version of it for computers with macOS. On the support website they also announce that a version for Windows will be released soon.

On my Mac computer I use Mail which, until recently, I also used on my iPhone, but I had to stop using the mobile phone due to a typical problem of programmed obsolescence, the battery drained in a short period of time.

I bought a Xiaomi and after searching and trying some other app I decided on Spark. Its handling is very simple and its benefits are very high. The email accounts are perfectly synchronized between the computer and the telephone.

What does Spark offer?

After downloading and installing Spark on the phone and, after indicating the email account that serves as the basis for the app, proceed to activate the rest of the accounts one by one. The steps to follow are those:

  • If it is a typical account, Microsoft Exchange, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or Aol, just enter the address and password. The next steps are automatic. Normally, it is about activating an IMAP account type.
  • In the event that we want to activate an account other than those indicated above, we must, in addition to adding the address and password, the IMAP server (input) and the SMTP (sending messages).
  • The normal thing is that we change the name created by default of the account. For this we have an option in the configuration panel of the app.
  • We can also add a signature to insert at the bottom of the messages we send. We can simply use text, or HTML code.

To consider

It is an application that works by intelligently prioritizing messages, placing them in an orderly manner based on the people who send them to us or to whom we send them. It also allows the sending of messages on a scheduled basis, supports quick responses, includes an intelligent search system and also integrates a calendar, among other options.

In the event that there are several people who use a certain email account, Spark allows you to manage an inbox with your entire team. Languages ​​supported include Spanish.


To know all the features of this application you have to access Spark. To download it on an Android device, go to Google Play. In case you want to use it on a computer with macOS, go to the App Store. There is a free version of this application for Android mobiles and Mac computers.