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Soon HP branded CDs and DVDs


Soon HP branded CDs and DVDs

Nettetal (Germany) – HP has entered into an agreement with CMC Magnetics Corporation for the marketing and distribution of a product line consisting of HP-branded optical DVD and CD discs in EMEA countries (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

With this agreement, HP aims to provide a broader portfolio of complementary products to its CD and DVD driver offering and to meet customer demand for “high quality, affordable” storage media.

“Consumers will be able to rely on the CMC as a supplier of a full range of HP-branded writable and rewritable storage media for CD and DVD players and writers, as well as the recently introduced LightScribe technology,” said HP in a statement.

By entering into this agreement, CMC Magnetics has become an authorized agent for the supply of HP branded DVDs and CDs in EMEA countries. CMC will be responsible for producing, branding, marketing, supporting and distributing HP branded CDs and DVDs in compliance with HP quality and branding standards.