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Skin? No it’s the new Vertu


Skin? No it’s the new Vertu

More than mobile phones, they are authentic status symbols. This is the cliché that characterizes the devices that boast the Vertu brand, an extra-luxury brand from the Finnish company Nokia, which is ready to market the new Ascent Ti.

The news comes from none other than the American FCC, which – as Engadget explains – has published the documentation. The Ascent Ti will be a Quadband GSM / UMTS terminal characterized by support for 3G technology and a vocation for multimedia.

The device – in its dimensions of 117x49x18 millimeters and in its 161 grams of weight – sports a 16 million color QVGA display, a 3 Megapixel camera, Series40 user interface and boasts a memory that, from 16 MB, can reach ( with MicroSD cards) to 4GB of space to store multimedia content. Of course, there is no lack of USB + Bluetooth connectivity.

There is no information about the details relating to the marketing of the new Ascent Ti, which, being a Vertu, will certainly not be cheap and will sell dearly for the leather (especially that of its upper “bonnet”).