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Siportal.it: here is the band for P2P

Siportal.it: here is the band for P2P

Siportal announces the birth of LineAdsl.it, a portal conceived for “naked” ADSL sales for those who do not have a telephone line or for those who wish to use a second line in addition to the traditional one.

“The number of Internet users looking for a fast connection at low cost is constantly growing, as well as companies that need a backup ADSL despite not having a free telephone line to support them” explains Dr. Salvo Ragusa, Head of Marketing at Siportal, motivating the initiative, explaining that this connectivity can be used for all uses involving a “no Telecom” broad band service, ie without a telephone line.

“Unlike the other providers – continued Dr. Ragusa – who block their services making them unusable for peer to peer, we aim to market a product also suitable for this purpose in the knowledge that such use is not illegal as long as the shared files are not protected by copyright “.

Salient elements of the LineAdsl.it offer are the speed – up to 2048/256 Kbps in Rate Adaptive mode – and the minimum guaranteed bandwidth, equal to 512 Kbps.

The service includes the installation of a data cable dedicated to ADSL (with the payment of a one-off contribution of 99 euros + VAT) against a monthly fee of 32.95 euros (currently in promotion at 29.95 euros) + VAT.

Further information is available at this address.