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“Shingeki no Kyojin”: who is Nikolo

The last episode of ” Shingeki no Kyojin“This is the title”Killer bulletWith good reason: Sasha Blouse died in this episode the victim of a Gabi Braun shooting. She and Falco had boarded the reconnaissance aircraft unnoticed, and Jamie was able to fire his rifle with great precision, killing Sasha.

She was one of the main characters of the entire franchise, being part legion 104 from Driving forces near Connie, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Armin, Bertholdt, Annie And from others. For many, it was also their favorite, because she always smiled with that compulsive hunger that characterized her.

Now, the next episode of ” The attack of the Titans“It will show what happened after the capture of Gabi, Falco and the discovery of the plan Zeke, that he was in cahoots with Eren and the members of the recon troop. In this episode, a new face will appear: Nikolo (in some translations it is called Nicolo or Niccolo)

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Who is it Nikolo and why is it so important in the story? Its appearance explains many unknowns about the inhabitants of Marley, the state of Island paradise and Sasha’s past known only to those who have read the manga. BEWARE! There will be spoilers later, when your story is revealed, you will be notified.


Nikolo is a Marley soldier who served for a time in the country’s naval forces when the entire Operation Paradis Island was handed over to Reiner, Annie, Bertholdt, and Marcel. As is known, the mission failed, so the Marleyan officers sent ships to the island to check their status.

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It was part of the first reconnaissance fleet that arrived on the island, so that later the main ships could arrive safely. What they did not expect was that Eren’s Attack Titan would attack them in the bay, destroying the entire Main Fleet and only the members of the first Maleyan ships were left alive.

Hange Zoe used Nikolo to force the others to cooperate, took him hostage, and threatened him with a sword. Despite this, he screamed with all his might for his captain to shoot, even though he was dead, in an attempt to eliminate the demons from Paradise Island. A year after this incident, Nikolo became the port’s chef de cuisine.

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“Shingeki no Kyojin”: who is Nikolo

He once met Sasha when the Legion passed through the harbor to eat. Nikolo is surprised by Sasha’s passion for food, in particular in trying out the new flavors he was preparing with elements of the sea. Eventually they would spend more time together and some fans think they had an amorous relationship.

This was confirmed by Kaya in chapter 111 of the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin”. Kaya was the girl who saved Sasha from the death of a Titan, so she became his little sister by being adopted by her father. She told Falco and Gabi that apparently Nicolo and Sasha were dating, but nothing is confirmed beyond this small suspicion.

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“Shingeki no Kyojin”: who is Nikolo

Nikolo is also important as he is responsible for bringing wine to all the Marley military who were on the coast, an order given to him by Yelena. She knows they could have put something in the wine (Zeke’s cerebrospinal fluid), but decides to follow orders and become an accessory to her and Zeke.

Later, he even meets Gabi and Falco, protagonists of one of the most difficult scenes in the franchise when he discovers that one of them killed Sasha. He tries to kill Gabi, but asks Sasha’s father to do it. He decides not to, so Nikolo lets them go, not until he gives them a good beating.

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“Shingeki no Kyojin”: who is Nikolo

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